Anybody can help me with Several questions on Microscope?


Hi, everyone:

I am taking A&P I, the second lab is using the microscope to prepare smears. I am really confused with some of the questions here. I've already spend a whole day studying the lab manual and answered most of the other questions.

In genegral, at what position should the condenser be kept?

--- Is it erect? I'm not sure.

The 45X and 100X objectives have shorter working distances than the 10X objective.

-- I think it is true. The working distance is the distance between the objective lens and the specimen.

When chaning from low power to high power, it is generally necessary to

A. Open the diaphragm

B. Close the diaphragm

Is the correct answer A, so more lights will be let in?

Anybody can give me a hint on these?

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If you think of the 100x being the oil immersion, typically you have to wipe oil off of the aperture because it usually touches, so yes you are correct :)

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With the second question, I think you would have to close the diaphram some, otherwise the field woul dbe kinda blinded.


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Thanks a lot for the help!

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