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I am so anxious and having trouble already calming down myself to the point that I cannot sleep right at night because I am thinking about the NCLEX. There are moments that I am dreaming the questions!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!! So what happens during day time is that poor me, I am sleepy and I couldn't concentrate studying. I am just scared to fail. It is just too much to know everything. How come that the school did not even discuss some of the disease process. Lot of our teachers just went so fast and they kept saying this before or you have to do your part and should read those chapters. They did not even discuss some of the disease that came out in the practice quesitons that worries me that might come up in the test. So people in this planet earth, any words of wisdom please. How to review? how to organize all the contents? best materials to study because all review centers or materials are claiming they are all the best ( I knew it is all about $$$$$). I am serious. Please help STAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I trully appreciate and I hope you guys understand my sentiments. Thank you very much.....


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Hi Summit....I can share your anxiety! I just took my nclex exam on monday 6-22 and I just found out this morning I passed. My "studying" consisted doing about 5000 nclex questions from different review books....Saunders, etc. I used the books and also the cd's . I learned things from these books that we didn't learn in nursing school. I mean, little detail things like "pheochromocytoma"!! Just remember when you see this word, think about high blood pressure. It's kind of hard to re-study all you learned in just keep practicing as many nclex questions as you can. I believe 100% this was the key to my being successful on the exam. Good Luck!!:nuke:

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It is just too much to know everything.

Exactly. You are not going to know everything and that's OK. 90% of what I know today, I learned on the job. My advice for studying is this.....remember you cannot possibly know everything. When I first started studying for the NCLEX, I tried studying everything, well I realized that was way too much. I decided to study the areas I didn't know much about, like peds, and quickly reviewed areas I felt somewhat comfortable with, like cardiac. From there, I did lots and lots and lots of review questions! I think this is what helped me the most. There is a strategy to test taking, so doing lots of questions gives you practice. And remember the basics, like your ABC's, that got me through quite a few questions on NCLEX. I don't think I did Kaplan or anything like that, so I can't help you there. Best of luck to you! You will probably surprise yourself when you realize how much you really do know.


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I agree with the previous posters: take a deep breath and do some relaxation exercises when you start you test and if you pray, that wouldn't hurt! Best of luck!


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We'll pray for you... Good luck. ^_^v


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To all of you that replied thank you very much. :bow: I feel better now and realized that I am thinking way too much and that I need to narrow it down. I need to relax. It is true there is no way we will know everything. What is important we can do and promote our job in a safe way to our patients and be a good advocate. Again, thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!! Please continue to pray for me, I am going to take the test next month. Thank you so much. God bless you all..........:up::nuke:


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I know this is probably not going to be the thing you want to hear but bare with me for a minute....

So what if you do fail your first attempt, you would not be the first person to do so or the last to do so. I know that sounds really miserable but you study a little harder after you have a better idea of what to expect and you pass it the second go around. I have confidence that you do great and this very stressful time will soon be over and you will never have to deal with it again. Just Relax and take a deep breath and know with whatever happens you tried your best and thats all that matters! :hgu:

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