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I am currently in my third nursing semester at WCC. Some pieces of advice for furture WCC nur students: Take Patho (with Esta Grossman), that medical math class (thats required), and possibly even medical terminology, as close as possible to the semester when you'll actually start your nur classes. If you were starting in the fall, i would take those classes with that winter semester and/or summer JUST before you start. Then it will be all fresh in your head when you will really need to start using it. I was told i had about 1 to 1.5 yr wait, and was told to get ahead on all those classes. Well my wait actually turned into 2.5yrs. And by the time i started my nur classes it had been close to 3 yrs since i had taken some of my support classes. So i recommend taking all of your psychology, microbio, chemisty, organicbio (if goin on for BSN later), communication, etc FIRST! Then go on to do your patho, math, and medical terminology when your a lot closer to starting! Also if you need to take extra classes to kill some time while your on the waitlist and need extra credit hours for insurance or whatever, Abnormal Psy with Starr Burke is a very interesting (and easy) class, that i highly recommend.

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