Any Updates On Excelsior and Virginia

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Hey does anybody have any updates on Excelsior and VA board of nursing?

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The petition, in it's current form, was denied by the VA BON (big surprise. Ugh! :madface:). The fight, however, will continue... and continue... and continue.

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Yeah I spoke with Dr.Saxby with the Virginia Board of Nursing a few days ago and she informed me of the news. She said Excelsior is a good program but the Borard of Nursing are sticking to there requirements 400 clinical hours for LPN programs and 500 clinical hours RN programs. She told me that they even consulted with one of the LPN's that sits on the Board and he also felt if he were in a RN program he would want the 500 clinical hours. I explained my experience as a hospital float nurse to her and she acknowledged that is helpful however she said the requirements for clinical hours still stand. She seemed very nice. She said the Board tried to work out a clinical plan with Excelsior but Excelsior refused to compromise. Her advice to me and other VA residents is to set for the NCLEX in DC work the required (I think she said 950 hours) and then apply for a licence in VA. I don't agree with Board on their stance for Excelsior however at least we can still get a license in the state unlike our neighbor to the north. I lived in Maryland and the people at the Maryland Board of Nursing are rude and could use a class in customer service.

The Maryland people are not the only Board employees who could use lessons in customer service.

So for Virginia they have the option to go through Excelsior as long as they did some sort of preceptorship? If that's the case, I would gladly take that as the CA BRN wont even answer my questions regarding that scenario. If that's the case for Virginia, I would immediately take that option. At least you have the option to go through Excelsior. If that's not the case, then I totally feel for you guys in Virginia.

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In Virginia, EC grad RNs may apply for licensure by endorsement once they have 960 hours of time working as an RN in another state or jurisdiction, like DC. Maryland won't work -- although I can work in Maryland with my multi-state compact license if I wish, even though I finished EC after Maryland's cut-off date for EC grads, which was 12/31/2007. Heh.

Hi Everyone,

Well hubby and I are considering moving to VA in a few yrs. If I become Licensed in Michigan, work a few yrs will I be able to obtain VA Licensing by endorsement? I am hoping to complete EC from start to finish in 18 months or so.

What does the board say regarding endorsement.


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Virginia will require 960 hours of RN practice to endorse in.

Thanks a lot, Lunah.

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