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Any University of Manitoba Nursing Grads have their California RN license?

mack31 mack31 (New) New

Hi I have been travel nursing in the U.S. for 3 years now. I applied for my California RN license in the mail once and it was refused as they claimed my education did not meet the requirements that my program was not didactic (both course and clinic simultaneously), which It was. When I asked what the minimum requirements were, the woman I dealt with on the phone said "I cant tell you that! otherwise everyone would be meeting the minimum requirements) I was so angry I hung up and vowed to never want to work in California lol. However due to my boyfriends job, we will be moving and I will be attempting to do so again but in person in Sacremento. I was just wondering if any other University of Manitoba RN grads have been able to get their California license? Thanks!

I don't know if this helps but the travel nursing agency should be able to help? I am a Canadian that was working in the US and someone told me it might be easier to get the California license through the agency. Now this is what the person told me because I said I was interested in travel nursing. I don't want to tell you wrong information so this is just what I am passing on.

i just finished the process and now have my permanent. you need to have your school directly send the syllabi to CA BON. You can look at my postings regarding my experience in this rigorous process. Good luck. Patience is a virtue with CA


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