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Any transition schools starting soon?



I'm a paramedic, I'm one semester of pre-reqs away from having all the ones that Lonestar college requires for their transition program. From what I've seen, their program is usually one or two classes off from every other transition program.

It wasn't until I went to check application dates that I saw only one of the campuses that offer the program presently have application dates! It's so frustrating.

Are there any nursing programs starting soon? Soon as in Summer / Fall of 2015 that I can apply to? I'd rather apply as a transition student but I don't mind starting from the bottom and doing a basic track. I work full-time but I have a ridiculous memory for things I've read so would prefer any non-transition programs be faster paced. My eventual goal is NP. I live in Conroe but commute to Houston for work and school. An hour drive in any direction is fine.

I like to be two steps ahead with my plans but the fact that no one has app dates up is frustrating me.

Online programs are fine, I prefer distance learning, but I would like the program to be run out of a brick and mortar, respectable, school. I tried googling this but the last two nursing programs I've heard of didn't even come up on google so I opted to ask the community

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Have you taken a look at Sam Houston? It's a fairly new nursing program, but doing very well so far & it's in your neighborhood. They don't have a paramedic transition program, but they do have an LVN-BSN program, so you may be able to talk to them and see if you could work something out via placement testing. Without a BSN, you are not going you are going to have a very difficult time finding employment in any acute care environment in the Houston metro area.

I will look into Sam Houston, I hadn't heard about their program.

Really? I didn't know that. I already have two jobs lined up for when I finish my ADN; one is at a clinic I used to work at, she said the company can have 14 ADNs and still meet requirements so she's saving me a spot and another is with a nurse that left that clinic for the same reason I did who's now in charge of hiring nursing staff at an urgent care.

I just assumed it was easy. I really want to work at Hermann Medical Center so I'm trying to build a few bridges there. One of the nurses who was recently moved to ICU said he'll put in a good word for me and see if they can hire me and still keep their certification.