Any tips for those of us taking Micro?

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These are all great tips. If your notes are anything less than a jumbled mess like mine were (we had a sheet given to us, and we filled in blankes, added notes, etc), then you can do what I did for A&P 1.

I made a CD of my notes and played them in my truck to and from class, and on the way to take the tests. For some of my other classes where we really didn't take "notes", I put questions/answers on the CD and listened to them the same way.

I took pics of everything in A&P 1 and 2. For micro, I kept forgetting to take pics, but I do have a few ( However, if you do searches for certain tests, you can usually find pics. (Seeing a bunch of the same thing is GOOD! You never know what the plate, or test tube will look like for your lab practical!) I studied the pics I took, and ones I printed off from online. *You CAN take pics through an eyepiece of a microscope, btw! (Just check w/ your instructor to make sure he/she doesn't mind you taking pics.)

As for glycolisis, etc, you may have briefly went over that in A&P 2. MicroSUX! goes more in depth. My advice is to make a chart showing type of process (Glycolisis, Krebs/ETC, Fermentation, etc), purpose, type of respiration needed (aerobic or anaerobic), how many ATP, how many CO2, end product, etc...

Also, eventually, you may go over IgG, IgA, IgE, etc. We went over those briefly in A&P 2 as well.

If you already have your book, learning the basics ahead of time will be beneficial. For example, type of reproduction, eukaryot or prokaryot, or basic words such as normal flora, )

You never know what you'll be tested over, but I'm sure any normal flora is important to know. (For example, Escherichia coli is normal flora, but the strain 0157:H7 is not!!)

Overall, it's not extremely difficult, I just prefer learning about humans over bugs. LOL

Good luck! :)

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