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Any tips on how to study for foundations of nursing?


Tomorrow is my 2nd foundations test. I made a 71 on the first... That came from note cards, highlighted points in book, recordings, and written notes.! Instructor told me I studied and thought too much. Any suggestions on what I should change?

Was your instructor indicating that you were over analyzing the questions? You should essentially only spend 1-2 minutes on each question to avoid this. Also, don't go back and change any answers unless you are 100% sure that your original answer was wrong.

Do you practice NCLEX style questions? That might be helpful with practicing your timing and working on test taking strategies.

I changed 4 of the right answers. She did say that they were based on how nc lex questions were. I have to get a hang up studying and answering those "styled" questions

I see, try not to change your answers unless you are 100% sure that it is wrong. Usually your first answer is correct. In order to become familiar with these types of questions I would really look into taking practice exams/questions on the material you are studying. Best wishes.

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I feel your pain! I'm an over-analyzer, too.

RN403 has some good advice. "Forewarned is forearmed." As tough as it was, I learned NOT going back to questions I'd answered. I spent my time, made my choice and didn't look back. Now if a question was hard and I knew I'd need more time, I'd skip ahead without guessing, then came back.

You are halfway there by recognizing your weakness.

Best wishes!

Thank you both!! I took the advice and got an 88! Not the best but better than the first one! Thanks so much :)