Any tips on relaxing before check-off?


I had my vitals today and was such a bundle of nerves that I have to do the B/P part tomorrow. I know how to take the B/P, but just the thought gets me so anxious.

Any tips :idea: are greatly appreciated.



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Try to get to your lab early before your check-off and go over it with a friend. We always would take turns doing the check-off and the other pretending to be the strict instructor. This worked well for all of us because we found ourselves to be more 'picky' than the instructors. Of course there really isn't anything short of meds that will ease the nerves completely during a check-off. When I did my very last check-off for nursing school I was just as nervous as the first!:bugeyes: Remember to go over and practice your check-offs days before. The better you know it, the more relaxed you will feel.


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Thanks onyx77,

That's a very good tip, and I'll bring that up to my clincal classmates. I realize that tomorrow that I will just have to take it step by step and let my intellect, not emotions come into play.



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I'm sure you will do fine. Just take it one step at a time. Good luck!

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