Any tips after landing a new graduate position?


Hi you guys!

I just landed a job at my aunt's hospital in a RN new grad Residency program in the definitive observation unit. I am excited but very scared as well. I'm excited to start my career, but very scared for being responsible and accountable for patients. Are there any tips you guys can provide for a new graduate registered nurse? How did you guys feel when you landed a new grad position? I start a week from tomorrow! Also, I was wondering if I should go on a mini vacation this week before I start.


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I'm a few weeks out of orientation as a new grad myself in the ICU. my advice is to not be afraid to ask questions of your preceptor, go home and study your patients conditions every night, and make a good brain sheet for receiving/giving report. A quick search on this site should bring up a few sheets you can then tailor to your unit.

You will experience a plethora of emotions ranging from "this is awesome! I'm actually an RN!" to "how am I going to do this on my own without killing someone" to maybe wanting to quit and back across the spectrum. This is normal, stick it out and remember you are not alone and your coworkers want you to succeed and will help you.

Good luck!

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I am in the same boat you are (I start my residency program in two weeks) so I do not have advice (from experience) other then what I have seen written many times. Remember that you have a lot to learn but if you have question ASK. ASK ASK and ASK. Not sure why something is done- ask. Want to know the preceptors thought process (what did they see that I missed? Why are they focusing on this instead of that)-ask.

Also, make sure to take time when you are not working/studying to relax and decompress. I'm hoping to go get a massage every week to try and relax (or I might just make my husband do it! hah)

I know I am very excited and even more nervous to start the new graduate residency program. I already feel like I lost knowledge that I had just three months ago when I took the boards and that makes me nervous. It will be ok- lots of new and exciting learning shall be done!