Any thoughts?


A Director of nursing tried to hire me but when she asked the other nurses if they would monitor me they said no.

I've been trying to get employed in a year.

as my only backup plan I underwent a new evaluation and want to ask to be released from tpapn.

does anyone have any thoughts on what I can say as to why. I can simply just ask out and that be all but just wanted to check and make sure I am not missing anything that would help with my reason?

any ideas?

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Do you need to be monitored with narcotics for the entire time. Here in PA it is only 6 months and then there is no longer nurse supervision needed other than having another nurse on the premises with you. Try long term care, it is not ideal I know but it is a job and you may find out you like it.

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Check your TPAPN contract and have your case manager give you a return to duty letter. Mine did and it was a huge help. I did end up in LTC and although not ideal, I do love the hours and I love my teammates. I did not have a narc restriction, so that was a HUGE benefit to me.

Mine does NOT require another RN to monitor (other than DON(, it only requires another nurse in the building.

Good luck!


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Where do you live?