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Anybody know about medical treatments for hydrocephalus in infants? Shunting is not an option with this 11 month old patient due to massive abdominal scar adhesions and he has not responded well to Diamox. Thanks.:cool:


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Wow, I have never seen a child this young with abd scarring so bad they can't get a vp shunt, they are usually a bit older by the time this happens. There are also ventriculo-atrial shunts, subgaleal shunts and endoscopic third ventricular shunts. It depends on the type hcp to determine what type shunt they are a candidate for. I listed a couple links below.

One is the hydrocephalus foundation which is located in Mass.

The other is the link to the hospital where I work. Click the search icon and type in "hydrocephalus". The info on it is limited, but it has some contact info for people who can give you more info. Good luck!!


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Thank you. both links were quite helpful. The pt is actually my son, he was born w/ CDH & PPH was on ECMO x24days and subsequently has developed many other medical problems. He has had approx 6 adb surgeries in his little life and is a mess inside. (pretty darn cute on the outside though!!!) His head circumf shot up about 3 months ago and was subsequently dx'd w/ communicating hydrocephalus. Diamox aggrevated his Chronc lung disease and here we are, kinda stuck. So thanks for the references. My nursing skills are limited to adults, so your advice/comments are welcomed. Thank you again:D

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