Any suggestions on building my clinical skills in the summer?



I really think I would benefit from working in the hospital in the summer for more experience. Although I would rather volunteer because I can't have a set schedule and I really don't to be a nurses aid, but I want to do something more simple so I can get more experience through observation etc. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! :)

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Usually, volunteers in hopitals cannot touch patients, so this will not bring up you clinical skills. It will however increase your comfort in dealing with patients and families. Why do you not want to be an aide? That or being a tech would really increase your skills so much. You can be per diem and pick your own schedule, and most hospitals will accomadate nursing students to any schedule that they need. At one of our hospitals in town, and student nurse intern only has to work one 12hr shift per month. Good luck!

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How far are you into school? Usually after you finish 1 year of nursing school, you can do an internship. I'd check into that at some of the hospitals around there. You can learn and get good clinical observation, and I don't think it's too many hours/week. I don't think you get paid though. I'd definitely check out an internship!

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I don't think you get paid though. I'd definitely check out an internship!

At the internships/externships in Tucson you get paid, and sometimes it can be more that a tech usually makes. On the average of $10.50-12 per hour.....

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I agree that an externship-type opportunity is the best way to fine tune some nursing skills. I'm doing one myself - starting May 23 - I can't wait! :)

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