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I've been back and forth with nursing and PA school during my 4 years at a California university and I've FINALLY settled on trying to get an ADN after much debate. Now, I'm just anxious about the prospect of applying to ADN programs and the acceptance rates, especially considering I am behind.

For context, I have 2 more quarters to enroll in and pass Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology (the only 3 major prerequisites required by most I've noticed) and will probably have to enroll in CC to finish out Microbiology as soon as I graduate.

I am fully dedicated to studying and passing these classes with A's and I've recently got a job as a PT Aide, which I hope could get me extra points for the point system programs. I am now considering obtaining CNA certification so I can have more experience under my belt and be able to help me out in some way financially post-grad.

Is this a feasible route for someone with a social sciences degree who wants to be able to jump into nursing as soon as possible? I'm so eager to jump into healthcare and become an RN.

I would love to hear feedback from fellow nurses and pre-nursing students in an ADN program!!

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If you already have a Bachelor's degree, there are plenty of programs that will provide you with a BSN or MSN in an accelerated fashion.  Sure, you can go the ADN route, but more and more hospitals are now requiring a BSN.  If you already have a Bachelor's degree, then go for an Accelerated BSN or MSN for people who already have a Bachelor's degree in another field.  The ADN programs are highly impacted and most people are put on a waiting list.

I am graduating with a bachelors in psychology in may and just got accepted to emory's master of nursing program which is to become an RN in 15 months

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