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Any Schools Ny.NJ u CAN go Str8 to RN just finishing LPNPrgram


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Hi guys, hello to all....i will be completeing a LPN program and i dont want to work for a year or 2 to be qualified to enroll in an RN program. Im currently attended a school in Jersey. Ive heard that they're schools to take LPN straight when u finish to RN completion. But i dont know on hand. If anyone could be so kind and inform me on what they know. Thank you Sweetys Gladly Appreciated......:o


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Thanks studentnurseelle......I'm going to check those.....I think Seton hall is hard to get into tho.

Oh no! Dont think like that...you can do it!

Are you finished with LPN school? If not, you still have time pick up grades to boost up your GPA...

Yes, I remember when I was applying for nursing undergrad BSN program, I remember seeing LP to RN programs...


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are you talking about an lpn-rn bridge dionyonce? i am in nj and researched all the bridge programs here. i don't know any schools that will allow you to go immediately to the rn bridge. you will have to complete all the pre-reqs first then will have to do the summer transition class then you can join the regular rn students in the 3rd semester (provided you have an lpn license at hand). different schools have different pre-reqs and different criteria. some schools will only let you skip the first rn semester.

have you heard of Excelsior college? it is a distance program for lpn-rn based in albany ny. i am a student there and so far so good. i should be done soon. you can visit the distance learning forum to know more.

good luck to you. i would focus more on you finishing up your lpn program. so many things to accomplish specially if you are nearing your graduation.



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@StudentElleNurse, Thank you i didnt finish yet...but i just wanted to prepare...I did check Seton Hall and i only saw AS RN to BSN...Thank you for your wishes.

@agldragon, Yes i was actually talking about LPN Bridge...i heard there some schools that take you as a Joint continuation, but unfortunately i haven't gotten the names. Excelsior College, Yes i heard about it but didn't know they dealt with LPNs....im going to check that out. Lol i know i should focus on the LPN since im in it, but i guess i was trying to do "Early" planning you know. But thank you soooo much....im just so energize you could only imagine.