Any RN to BSN programs that include books in the tuition?

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Just curious if there is any

RN to BSN programs that had books and supplies included in their tuition rates?

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I want to say U of Wyoming, but I could be wrong -- it's been a couple of years since I looked at them, and I've only had a little coffee so far this morning. :D

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lol thanks lunah! I'll have to check it out then! =)

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When schools include things like books into the tuition, that usually means that they are making a profit on them. You may notice that it's the "for profit" schools that tend to do that sort of thing. They require that you buy books, uniforms, etc. all from them. Students appreciate the convenience of that system -- but it adds to the costs as the schools consider these things as "major money makers" for their profit margins.

It's often cheaper to buy used textbooks or to rent them -- or to "comparison shop" at different book sellers to get the best price on textbooks. Most non-profit schools give the students the option of comparison shopping to help them save on costs.

So if you are looking for the convenience of "one stop shopping" for all your program needs, just be careful that you are not grossly over-paying for the convenience.

Kaplan University.

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I actually have my husbands GI bill, but since he is active duty i do not qualify for the book allowance nor the housing stipend so therefore i need someplace military friendly that offers books within the tuition for the BSN classes so i do not have to take any more loans out whatsoever. So just seeing who all knew if there were any such programs! thanks for the info!

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