Any provinces hiring IEN's?


Does anyone know which province if any are hiring IEN's. I have applied to BC and have been told that i need to do the SEC assessment but it seems that the job market there is quite bleak. I have 10 years experience on an acute surgical ward. Thanks in advance.

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NS maybe an option however you may still be required to do some form of assessment plus hospital may not be an option but may be nursing home may assess with hiring, LMO and TWP


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I can tell you for sure that BC is one of the toughest to get in today. Overall, the opportunities available in Canada now a days is not as good as it was several years back, it might not be that easy for you so just tighten your seatbelt and be prepared.

As always, best of luck to you.


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By the way, SEC or similar assessments are now being implemented by most of the Colleges just so you know, but to tell you frankly Amelia, there is nothing to fear about it. It is very helpful and as an answer to a question in your previous post..yes it is worth it, I actually enjoyed it.

Just to give you a tip, if you are completely sure about making the big move to Canada, don't choose a province based on the SEC, decide where you really want to live, thrive or see your kids grow. If you see it in your heart that X province is really for you then apply for registration there. In a similar way you don't choose countries simply because it is easier to get a license in one over the other, because believe me doing so will save you a lot of time and money.

Again, decide if Canada is really for you, then know which province you want to live in, and from there comply with what is needed for you to fulfill your dreams.

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In a nutshell, nursing right now, in Canada, is bleak. The jobs that are unfilled are unfilled for a reason. Lousy rotation pattern, horrible workloads, bad unit managers.

I know jobs that are pretty much filled by float pool staff because NOBODY wants to work on the unit because of the workload and the unit's reputation for getting the worst families to deal with.

You've also got to factor in with the economy being in the dumpster, when husbands are unemployed, part timers pick up more vacant shifts or look for full time jobs. Retiried nurses are coming back because their financial plans didn't work out, so several in my hospital returned to fund their winter vacations.

Several provinces have promised their new grads works, which has ticked off still unemployed nurses from previous years.

So, that's it pretty much in a nutshell.

Just remember if you do migirate, our wages are built to accommodate our standard of living. There is no guarantee of an improvement in your families standard of living for a couple of years unless you bring a fair sized nest egg and a husband that can easily find work.


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Thanks for all your comments, we are sure about the move to canada and BC is most desirable to us. I am willing to work anywhere but would prefer more rural, are the prospects better rurally? Was also was wondering about the options with LTC/Nursing homes, prisons etc (out of hospitals/health authorities completely). Any help much appreciated.