Any one took Micro & Ant &Phys II @ EDUKAN FALL2010

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Hello To All,

Im trying to complete my last 2 requirment for nursing school. Just signed up for Part 2 of Anatomy &Physiology and Micro. I signed up with ****** for Micro and Pfeifer for Antatomy. Would like to know how were the classes done and how did you do with your final exam and getting it proctored especially for those that do not live any where near Kansas. I live in Inglewood Ca. Southern California. Your response is greatly appreciated

I am currently taking Microbiology with Prof ****** and am really enjoying the class. I find it a bit easier than A&P 1 which I am also taking. I have not taken the final yet but will be able to have it proctored at a local community college, a few of the local libraries in my area also offer proctoring. Good luck with your classes!

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@OldDog40 Thanks 4 the info . its nice to get first hand info from people who have taken the class before or experiencing that the same thing you are. Are you in A&P 1 OR 2. I think Im signed up with piefer for that ? whats your take on that . Im currently taking anatomy on campus but i have a little experience with he science courses since my unndergrad was biology . i just repeating these classes due to the 5 year recentcy.

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Also @OldDog40 how is the work in the class and the test and grading system. im sure there is a lot of busy work

I'm on my last weeks with Microbiology. I live in Los Angeles and getting my exam practored by a tutoring center. I'll be taking A&P 1 next semester because of the 5 year recentcy.

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@ third watch how did you do in the class. and where r u geting your test proctored at if u dont mind me asking since we live in the same area. are u taking anything else from edukan?

I was just trying to add A&P 1 this semester. I took Microbiology last semester...but I've just noticed my instructor is no longer teaching there!!! It's so sad. I learned a lot and got an "A" in the class. Take ****** he's also a great teacher.

The final is proctored, and just found out that you can ask your college/library for proctoring. Go to your student services center and ask. I did mine at a tutoring center.

If you're not attending other school just Edukan, ask the librarian from your public library.

I'm not sure if I'm taking another class...but if I do, I'll let you know

****** is great. Pay a lot of attention to his outlines and the end of chapter questions for the tests. The labs take a week or two to really get the hang of, don't panic. I think you will enjoy this class.

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