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Any one who is currently/ was in a 4- year university to get their BSN

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I'm doing a project for school and I need to know what kinds of classes you take during college if you are majoring in nursing. Do you get to take care of patients and did you have to have an internship? If you apply to a university and they accept you, do you automatically get accepted into the nursing program too?

Also, if you have been to nursing school feel free to throw in some info about that too!:lol2:

For me, I am considered pre-nursing. Our pre-reqs include: Foundations of Biology, Organobiochemistry (w/ lab), Microbiology (w/ lab), Call to Adventure I and II (kinda a intro to nursing. We do med-term plus just learn about NS and the career of nursing), a writing class, and 3 of the following: Speech, Intro to Psych, Dev. Psych, and Sociology (the one you don't take, you will take as a co-req).

What makes my program different, is Human A&P are co-reqs and take in your sophomore year. Clinicals also start in your sophomore year as does the sim lab.

Techniqually, you have to apply for nursing school here but as long as you meet the minimum requirements of having a 2.7, C's in sciences, CNA course completed, and healthcare CPR certification, you will be admitted. This is b/c we take internal applicants first and most often the spaces availible exceed qualified internal applicants.

Any other questions?

ps, I know I have many spelling errors, so I apologize!

Since i am currently in high school, do i have to make straight As in my science courses to be accepted into the nursing major when i get to college? I think one of my teachers told me that..

Also, am i going to do any hands on work in college? like giving vaccinations, etc.

It honestly depends, as for applying to start college you will be accepted as a "pre nursing" student. So basically, you need to meet admission requirements to that particular college or university.

As a "pre nursing" student, you will have to complete what are known as pre-reqs. Some examples are the classes I listed in my former post. What grades you have to pull depend on the insitution. Community colleges and public universities often have many applicants and are merit based. When applying to schools such as this you will need to have the best grades your are capable of in your pre-reqs. I think 3.5 is a reasonable GPA to shoot for. Often with competive insitutions such as this you need to take an entrance exam like HESI or TEAS. My college doesn't require those, so my knowledge on those tests are mainly limited to their names.

Private colleges or universities often are much less competitive. One reason being that they cost more money. Also, it is often the case with private universities that they admit students into their nursing program that started there as freshman before they accept transfer students. Many times, meeting the minimum requirements still allows you to get accepted into the program, as long as you started there.

Going to a private vs public university each has their pros and cons. I chose a private institution and I'd be happy to explain my reasoning if your curious. Obviously obtaining a BSN at a private university is more expensive, but there are benefits also.

So anyways, my point being. At a public university, you should try and get as many A's in your prereqs as possible. For a private university, A's isn't as big of a concern, but obviously it is a good idea to get as good as grades as possible.

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I am in the nursing program for my university. I got admitted directly from high school because my university is trying this new 4-year BSN program. I know for a fact that the first semester of my sophomore year is going to involve clinical but basic clinical competencies. You don't need straight A's in your sciences to apply to my nursing program from high school because I know I didn't get straight A's in the sciences. But you need to look like a hard worker, I got a pretty good GPA straight out of high school. For my school, I was just lucky I got into the nursing program from high school while others have to apply in their sophomore year last year to get into the program.

If you get accepted as a pre-nursing student try to shoot for 3.5+ GPA like the person above me says. It will put you in good standing

Thanks for the info guys!