Any nurses from US Virgin Islands?

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Hi there! There doesn't seem to be a forum for USVI nurses and I was wondering if anyone out there was located there and what you think of it. I'm a renal/hemodialysis RN and was thinking of relocating to a warmer climate. I can't get any real info on any VI websites or forums - just alot of tourist stuff and no real answers about island living.




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I can't comment on Island live as a native, but as a tourist it is awesome! We honeymooned there and extended it to two weeks. I literally cried when we were boarding to return to the mainland :crying2:

I did find that Roy Lester Schneider Hospital has openings for renal/dialysis RN! Are you thinking of going w/a travel contract? That is my only regret...that I didn't travel before my kiddos arrived. OTOH DH and I have toyed w/the idea of doing a stent there before the kiddos are schoolaged.

Do a search for "nursing in the us virgin islands." I got quite a few hits.

Ah let's see. The people are very friendly. Transportation is not difficult to find (they drive on the wrong side of the street though :chuckle). There are ferries between the islands and so it isn't at all difficult to commute. The weather is always beautiful, barring any hurricaines! The food is great, awesome, if you like seafood! But of course, everything moves to "island time," which is not a bad thing, once you get used to it.

DH had an "encouter" w/sea urchins (I warned him to be careful because of them!). We ended up treating him ourselves as we didn't hear much more would be available at the hospital. One of the captains of the many boats we cruised in recounted the story about his severe accident. A laceration of some sort. They sent his wife to buy bandages and suture equipment because the hospital didn't have any. This is one of the fears we have, ironic :uhoh21:...that our children will need health care and they will not be able to provide it. However, Puerto Rico is only an hour or two away via ferry and even closer by air and they are more advanced.

Maybe you could post at the travelers forum and get more answers. Best wishes!

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I visited the USVI in 2001 and now am going back for a week in July! They do have a small (aprox 100 bed) hospital there but they usually air-lift out major traumas. Good luck...


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Check out the crime rate also before you go...I heard it was kinda bad but haven't checked lately.

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