Any Nurse Recruiters out there?


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I am currently in nursing school, due to graduate in May. My question is Do prospective employers really care if you gratuated with honors?

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i'm not a recruiter, but in my they don't. i graduated from lvn school with a 4.0 and no one ever even asked me what my grades were. they just hired me. now after rn school, recruiters did ask me what my "estimated graduating gpa" would be. it didn't matter that it was less than a 4.0. it seemed to me like they just wanted me to give them a number so they could fill out that portion of their paperwork.


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I hope all of us are looked at as more than just gpa , because half of us are below average!:idea:

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The answer is: sometimes. It happens sometimes when human resources needs to make a decision between two people, or when they're trying to thin a huge applicant pool. Meaning:

1: All other things being equal between two candidates, the one with a higher GPA will get hired.

2: When the job market's like it is now hospitals are inundated with more applications than they can manage. The last new grad residency at my hospital had 1800 applicants for 15 positions. They have to narrow that 1800 down to a managable number for interviews. So they only interviewed people who:

A: Did their senior synthesis in our facility and were recommended by their preceptor


B: Has a BSN and GPA > 3.8.


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Haha! Funny question. No they don't. The questions they ask are usually the basics, and even with these some nurses are even having a hard time complying/completing everything. They ask if you have a degree, do you currently have a license to practice (passed your nclex, and other exams- I know a couple of people who are cum laudes but failed- bottomline, passing exams doesn't depend on your grades in school) and third, do you have experience? hah! Most don't really listen to what your saying anymore if you say you don't, or if your not qualified for what they have to offer. It's a competitive world, and reality bites. Hard. My advise: Be prepared for anything.


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Thanks to all of you for the information that you have provided.