Any must-have resources for new LPNs?


I'm a new LPN (just started orienting at a LTC this weekend) and am just wondering if anyone has any advice on reference/resource materials that would be really helpful as a new nurse. I know I should have a drug-reference guide with me, but would like to know if there are "nursing data collection and intervention tools" available for nurses-there is SO much information presented in nursing school regarding s/s and interventions if your patient exhibits those s/s, but it would be helpful if there was a quick reference guide I could have should my patient present w/ such things so I could "review" what to do-i.e. nursing interventions for abnormal lab values and/or "patient presents with A,B, and C thus the nursing interventions could be D"-am I making myself clear? I know the basics, but besides calling the Doctor, I just want to anticipate what I can do, and do the right things, before calling the doctor, is that clear as mud? If anyone has any advice in this matter, that would be great! Thank you for any input :)

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If you register for the online version of the LPN magazine, they'll give you a free 1 year subscription. This particular magazine is, from what I have gathered, an excellent resource for all LPNs/LVNs alike. Good luck in your new career, and always continue to learn new things. :)

Thank you :) Actually, I was researching online, and managed to find a book-The Long-Term Care Nursing Desk Reference 2007; I'm going to check it out this weekend at the bookstore and see if it is worth purchasing ($150); the book is geared toward various aspects of nursing in long-term care (right up my alley, as I plan on focusing on the geriatric population as my career develops anyway), so I'm hopeful it will provide me with what I was looking for. I'll definitely give an update on what I find out. Thank you.


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Hey do you know the website to the free lpn magazine? Thanks so much

actually, I just tried signing up for their free subscription, and it wanted my phone number and stuff (and I don't give that out to things like that); anyway, I'm checking into buying a book called "The Long-Term Care Nursing Desk Reference"; off the top of my head, I can't remember who the author is; I'm having the bookstore order it in and then I"ll decide if it's really worth the money (need to see hard-copy before buying).

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