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I will be getting some $$$ soon. I am looking around for some good nursing books to get. I plan on getting a medical dictonary. What else is a must have? Thanks!!!!!


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Mosby's medical dictionary is good,a good book on care plans is a must, they will give you a list of books you'll need when classes start. Good Luck!

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A good Nurse's Drug Handbook is one that I feel is a must have.


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I bought some A@P coloring books that I plan to do over the summer just to get a jump on that.


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I frequently use Fischbach's "Manual of Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests". This book is fantastic. It explains why the medical test is ordered, how to prepare the patient for it, how the test is conducted, patient aftercare, and what the results of the test mean. Also has clinical alerts! Bought my first copy in nursing school and it has never failed me. Cost between $30.00-35.00.


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I would strongly recommend Lippincott's Manual of Nursing Practice. I found mine at Barne's and Nobles. It is great, it details a lot of diseases including the pathophysiology, clinical manifestations, management, etc. It also gives a step by step on nursing skills. I have used mine lots. A good care plan book is essential. Find one that lists nursing diagnosis as well as the accompanying s/s for each one with rationales for each intervention. The rest should be on the list the school gives you. Good luck!!!

I second the Lippincott Manual of Nursing practice. Well, worth the money. Also I recommend Kaplans NCLEX-RN. Has wonderful test taking tips and how to read/answer the question. That book has truly helped me. I recommend it to all new nursing students and even one's that are not so new.

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