Any moms currently in the Accelerated Online BSN Program?


Hello everyone,

I have been a stay at home mom for quite some time now and getting ready to go back to the workforce. I am seriously considering a career change to nursing and am very interested in 's Online BSN track. I am a mom to 4 children ages 6, 3 and 7 month old twins. I'm wondering if any of you have gone through the program with small children. And if so, how was it? Is this even feasible? I know the program is demanding, would I have any time left for my children and husband? How did y'all do it? Any input is very appreciated! Thank you!!

I'm applying to the online program at as well! I've been a stay at home mom to my three kids for the last 12 years and nursing has always been my dream! This program definitely appeals to me as a mom as I love the idea of being able to study and plan my school work around my kids' schedules.

Have you already completed your pre-requisites?


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Thank you so much for your reply! No, I haven't started on any prerequisites yet. I'm hoping to get started this fall. We are a military family and so, it's hard to pinpoint when exactly we'll be back in Texas. I'm hoping for next fall but things always change in the military! Have you started on any prerequisites? I have 2 bachelor's in completey unrelated fields so I have quite a bit to do. I've been a stay at home mom for nearly 10 years now so I'm just a little bit nervous. I'd love to chat!


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I have been a stay at home mom for 7 years, and I am applying for Fall 2018. I would love any advice you guys have for juggling it all.

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I applied for the Spring 2018 online BSN program, but I'm still working on my pre-reqs. I'm also a mom, but my babies are adults now. I'll probably be the oldest in the class! In my opinion, you're never to old to learn. I'm also an LVN, but this class was the only one that will work for me. I need the online format with clinical on the weekend.


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Hi to all the moms ! I live in Houston, Tx and graduated from HCC and transfered to 2017.So far Ive completed Intro to Nursing, Legacy of The Family, and Tech Writing that they required me to take.Each class was 5 weeks each so its easy to get behind really quick cause the classes are so short.I made C, B, B.The Introto Nursing I made C because I submitted a test 3min late and got 0 for that exam and my grade drop from B to 65%.I barley pass the class with making B on the last exam and my total average for the class was 70%.I thought the computer automatically kick you off before the time you suppose to have it done but it doesn't, so you have to make sure you submit it before the due time on your own.I learned the hard way on that one.READ the syllabus really good before each class.So far I have two prequites to complete and thats Patho&Pharmacology.Im currently enrolled in those two courses and plan to try to apply for January 15th deadline for nursing school that start in the Fall of 2018.Im a mother with a 5 year old daughter that has Autism. I have a real busy schedule with her.The online classes has worked in my favor because my daughter all ways getting sick and I have to stay home with her some time.She also has Speech and Occupational therapy twice a week.I believe going to a campus throughout the week would probably be hard on me while trying to help my daughter right now.So far taking the online classes was a good decision at the moment.Mothers you just have to discipline yourself because you dont have anyone reminding you to do this and that when assignments or test due.It can be challenging though trying to do these assignments at the last minute.Im still hanging in there and not giving up.


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I am so glad to have come across your post! I literally chose a career switch, a few days ago! I am prior military and just joined my honey in Texas last December. He has been here since Nov '15, so I am nervous about starting the program as I do not know how much longer he will be stationed here. Like you I have a B.S. in an unrelated field so I must go through all the pre-reqs as well. I will be a stay at home mom for the next two years at least as we are expecting, so this program seems the best. Where are you looking to take your pre-reqs?

Pre-nursing here too. Pretty much have another 3 semesters of pre-reqs. Midlife career change at 37. No prior degree. 1 year old...have my CNA and working as a PCT in a local hospital PRN.


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I'm doing a mid school change. I won't be applying until June 2018. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me to get these prereq's out of the way. I am also an LVN.

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Thought I'd add that I registered today for the Spring 2018 semester. I'm taking Microbiology, Med Term, Contemporary Math and Sociology. I'm excited but know that have a lot ahead of me. Is anyone else taking their pre-reqs?