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Any McKesson employees?


Hi all:

I just got an offer from McKesson and want to know what the benefits are like. If you work for them, could you share what type of coverage you get and out of pocket costs?


I've worked for McKesson for the past year and I love it! You are going to love working for them. It's a great company. I don't do telephone triage, I do Disease Management.

Anyway, I have their HSA health benefit. It's a high deductible account (3500) for the family, so I put that in my FSA. The company pays for the first 1500 of medical expenses, then I pay for the next 3500. After that, I pay an additional 10% until I reach 5000 out of pocket. The cost for this coverage for a family is $18 a paycheck which is why I took it. With my family, we rarely reach the 1500, but if we need it we have it. I have 4 children and a hubby, so with medical, dental, vision...we easily spend the 3500 even if we don't use it for actual medical expenses.

Their HMO is great as well and the premiums aren't too bad....100 a paycheck I think, but I'm not really sure. I will look into it more for next year since I think we will be switching back to the HMO.

Welcome to McKesson - you are really going to love it! :redbeathe

If you need any further information, email me. I'm rarely on this site anymore.

I have a phone interview and was wondering if I can get some pointers on what to expect. It is for Disease Management.


I don't really have any good tips to give you. I interviewed and obtained a position as a case manager for them, which is a little different than their DM. I did, however, go through the DM training since my position is very new to them. I don't know what questions they would ask about for DM, maybe condition related? Sorry I couldn't be more help. Maybe if you start a new thread you might get some answers.

Good luck with your interview!


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Hi Sue,

I realize this post was several years ago, but I wonder with the advantage of more years whether you still feel that your McKesson experience was a good one. I'm in the final running for a disease-management position with McKesson (Medicaid population). I'd appreciate any advice you have to share.

Thanks so much.

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