Any MA new nurse graduates with jobs!?? :)

U.S.A. Massachusetts


Hey guys, I just thought it might be nice to start this thread.. curious to know where new grad nurses will be working in MA.. especially with this shortage.

Ill be working at Lahey Clinic in Burlington. 5WEST-Cardiac tele... evening shift. :) :)

there was a change in management, they director who hired me while i graduated from nursing school was really nice. you see im a foreign nursing grad and when i told her my situation she hired me as a nursing assistant even though i did not have any certification. its took me ten months to process my nclex registration and preparing for the test and i worked with them for ten months. unfortunately, this director got fired the day of my boards and when i found out i passed, the next in charge said this which really hurt me.

I have a question for you, why did you go to school outside the USA? It took 10 months to process your paperwork in which the US economy tanked. I bet you went to outside the USA to save money, but in the long run you lost 10 months of RN income which is worth at least $50K so where is the savings?

Also when you have an interview do they ask why you didn't go to nursing school in the USA? I know that would be a question I would ask. Most US students make connections in their clinicals or work for a place during nursing school. It sounds like part of your difficulty is not having that networking all set for you.

Hey! I just got a job at Boston Medical Center in the float pool...oh and I'm from WA, so it is going to be a BIG change, but I'm pumped!!! :)

Hi jrsabean! I'm trying to get a job at BMC.. when did you apply and hear back from them? Did you have a connection there? Thanks!

Think I may have to move out of Massachusetts (or change careers)...been an RN for over 10 years...left 10 year position after 10 years (don't ask why) and have been out of work for over 5 months...have networked with people who have been out even is moving out-of state for a job (with 30 yrs experience)...feel badly for the new grads but am not feeling too great for myself either---got an email today- Christmas eve- computer generated rejection letter...time to move I think!

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Just got a job! Starting at Franciscan Hospital for Children next week with about a year of experience. :)

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