Any luck for new grads in home care agencies?


Hello all,I'm reaching my year post graduation and still no job.

I want to know if any new grad has had luck in home care agencies for example Americare CSS, visiting nurse service of new York or any other agency?


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I would venture with caution... being a new grad is tough enough, but especially in home care. You are there alone in the home, with no one down the hall (as in the hospital) to help you. Most reputable home care agencies require 1-2 years med/surg experience.

I truly hope I didn't discourage you. Just trying to give you some valid feedback.

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I am a December new grad employed in homecare for several months now. Anyone saying its a bad idea is one of these "naysayer gatekeepers" of which nursing seems to have thousands. Med Surg? Wouldnt help I'm fine with the 1 week of orientation but my patients arent that acute.


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Thank you so much for the reply SunSurfRN. Yeah I do hear new grads going into Home care. I'm going to keep trying the ones I listed in my first post of this thread, which is Americare CSS and Visiting Nurse Service of NY, also I heard good things about St. Marys Home care for Kids. So I will see.


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I have worked for two home health agencies doing Peds. The orientation has been adequate and there is someone at the other end of a phone if necessary. I have learned quite a bit and feel this experience will be valuable when I DO get into a hospital! I am still searching but I am getting close to that golden "1 year experience" that hospitals seem to want these days. Good luck. I encourage you to do it.


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I'm a new grad, had my RN license since mid November but graduated in August. I applied EVERYWHERE in MI trying to find a job. In nursing school, I searched for nurse aide positions and cna's and could not get hired! I was getting desperate when I realized no hospitals in the entire state would hire me- a new grad with no experience. I was sooo depressed that I spent so much time and money on school and couldn't find a job. I started as a home care nurse recently, and although it's not my first pick, it works for now.

And I'm sure you could do it. It's NOT true that you have no one and are "all alone" on the job. You can always call your supervisor or another nurse if you really are unsure of something while at a home. Good luck with the search.


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What are the two agencies you worked for doing Peds?