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Any LPN/LVN or ADN programs online?



I am looking for LPN/LVN or ADN programs that have the didactic completely online but the clinicals can be done in my hometown of San Antonio, Tx. It is ok if the schools are in other states because the only schools like that here in the state don't have clinical spots until 2013. Due to personal issues I can't make it to classes in person because it is five days a week 9-5 but would be able to do clinicals two to three times a week. I am not a CNA but have 9 years experience performing the duties of a CNA. I am not looking for LPN-ADN bridge programs just strictly online LVN OR ADN programs. Please do not respond that there are no completely online programs and clinicals need to be completed in person. I am well aware of that fact and am only looking for the theory portion to be online and the clinicals to be completed with a preceptor at a clinical spot of my choice near me without traveling out of town. I hope you have some information that can help me.

LOL!! You are too funny! No need to apologize, I needed to laugh. Anyway, I called the school and I only have until February 15 to study and take the HESI exam. Even though that leaves over a month, I am still cutting it close and will have to do well on my first try. No room for error! I might still take the test just in case other schools require it. Thanks for the information LunahRN! :p

There is no such thing as a totally online program, clinicals are done in person... hahaha, I'm kidding. Sorry. ;)

Have you heard about this one? College of Nursing & Health Sciences - Texas A & M University- Corpus Christi -- I think they used to have the eLine program for ADN, but it looks like it's a BSN program now. However, it might be worth a look for you.

Is this an online program?

Yes, it is a program in Texas that has the theory online and clinicals located near you. I think it is only for residents of Texas though. You do have to come to campus for an interview once you apply and then again for checkoff for Health Assessment.

Is this an online program?

I came across a program for LPN online, but you can then arrange to have clinical s in person. The website is:

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How do we know this is real??

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How do we know this is real??

Always check with your state board of nursing.

Have you checked before lunarn? How do I go about doing that?