Any info please?? Help!


Hey guys! Need any help as I am sure some of you have run into the same problem. So my question is I just took the in clicks yesterday which made me sit for the whole 265 questions for 4 1/2 hours. So I'm obviously beside myself and wearing my butt off as to whether I passed or not. I tried to do the Pearson view trick and it would not let me register as it said I was currently signed up for it. I have a screenshot here and was hoping someone had done this b efore and had seen this before or had any more information to give me about it. Any more help would be amazing thank you guys so much! Won't let me pay but says our records indicate you have already registered for this exam and another registration can not be made at this time.... HELP PLEASE😫

I think that is a good sign...more likely you pass...congrats in advance....Breath....


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I'm sure you already got your results back by now, but if it makes you feel better my cousin just took her NCLEX a week ago and answered all of the questions like you did and she passed. Remember, even though you sat through the whole exam, it never shut off until the end because you still had a chance!! Be positive!