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My problem....I've had a LVN license in the state of CA. For 12 I'm in Nevada. They won't honor my license due to non-for-profit accredited I'm stuck...Do I really have to go to school all over again ? I've been trying to get any suggestions on this matter....please help.....can I do prerequisite on line ? And clinicals at a accredited school ? .Thanks in advance !

Sorry typo (non-profit ) I meant - non-accredited....

I would contact the BON in Nevada and see what you need to do to get a license in the state.

It must be a California only thing where you can get a license after attending a non-accreditated school, however, if Nevada wants you to start at square one, I would go to a local community college for your associates in nursing to start, then you could do a BSN online. To go back to LPN school would take almost as much time as just getting your associates.

Hi Jadelpn...thank you... yes in Calif my school was accredited, each state has different regulations. but if i go to a community college and obtain a associates in nursing then a BSN think this would qualify me to take the NCLEX here in Nevada ? ( I will ask the NV state boards ) does this qualify in your state ??? and what about doing the clinicals ??

Okay, now I am confused. Are you saying your LVN license doesn't hold up in NEVADA as an LVN, but does in California. Or they just won't recognise the credits for RN school?

Yes my Calif. License holds up fine....but Nevada will not honor my Calif. license due to the school that i attended isnt accredited according to Nevada... Nevada states that I will have to attend an entire LVN program all over again here in Nevada. Im so upset..I shouldnt have moved here...such a obsticle i am thrown......

Now I am confused. The LPN program you attended is only accredited in California? Did you comp the LPN exam in California, or did you go to LPN school? If you were a CNA who comped the NCLEX-PN, then it is only recognized in California, as I understand it. Mass is different in that you can't even sit for the NCLEX-PN if the school is not accredited, and there is no comping. I have not heard of others who had difficulty in obtaining licesnes in other states from the school I attended, but it was accredited.

If it is a matter of taking an entire LPN course of study again, I would think about-- for probably just a little more time-- look into some local colleges and see what is out there for RN. Each college that offers an RN program that allows you to sit for the NCLEX-RN has clinicals as part of that course of study. Contact some local schools and see. You could obtain your associates RN and then think about continuing to your BSN online, but I would actually go to a college for your RN if you are able. If your LPN licesne is only good in CA, then that could be an issue with online stuff, but I don't know. Online is based on an LPN to RN course of study, but I believe one has to have gone to an accredited LPN school.

If you contact the school you obtained your LPN from, ask them if they are accredited, and if California is the only state that recognizes them. I am sure that you are not the only one who has attempted to get a job in a different state and had this issue. Ask them how others have done this. Then, if they are accredited nationally, I would contact the BON again in Nevada with this information.

Meanwhile, how close are you to CA? Is it worth it to commute to CA for a job, even if it is part time while you go to school?

DANG,,,,,,,(said instead of what I WANTED to say) I'd be suing that school to the bone for that. I never HEARD of going to school, graduating, sitting and passing boards and then not being recong. in another state. WOW.

I'd be so ticked I'd be at a atty's office ASAP!!!!!!!!

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