Any help/ideas would be appreciated!


Hi everyone,

I'm a junior nursing student assigned to a class presentation on Contemporary (1960's-current) Nursing Knowledge.. Now, what's hanging me up is that it's seperate from Technology.

So far, I've thought about presenting on Med Reconcilliation(incl. herbal supplements), Pressure Wounds, advances in autism and mental retardation..

This is to be between 5 and 10 minutes long and I'm running short on ideas.. :banghead:

Any ideas or advice would be helpful!


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All I have to say is pharmacology.

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I think something about evidence based practice would be good, hourly rounding, ambulation programs to prevent hospital acquired pneumonia and DVT,s. You could talk about transitioning how orientaion programs have changed from the 60's when you were pretty much tossed out to today with preceptorship programs, internships etc.

The importance of maintaining ceu's for license renewal which you did not need in the60,s as well as for professional development.

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The emergence of mutliple nursing theories and how they have affected nursing practice. For instance, Ida Jean Orlando wrote in the 70's - we base the nursing process on her theory.


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Hi, thanks to everyone for your input, I appreciate it! Keep your fingers crossed for me! :cry:

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