Any CRNAs out there with only NICU before school?


I am applying to CRNA school now. I have 3.5 years level III NICU experience including transport (able to intubate, put in lines etc). I was just wondering what other CRNAs who only had NICU experience thought about how well prepared they were for school. Did you feel it was harder not having adult experience? What was your interview like? Did you have to answer a lot of adult-based clinical questions? Did you feel like it was more difficult to get into school without having adult experience?

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I believe that you must have pediatric or adult ICU experience for CRNA school.

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I know of one nurse who did well.

Her only problem was the learning curve for all of the adult co-morbids, lots of drugs.

Well...let's just say she had to study double the others.

But she is a CRNA today. She was an NICU nurse for 16 years; and she is a fantastic CRNA.



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The schools I am applying to specifically say that they accept NICU for the ICU requirement. I just want to know what others who have done it thought...


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I had 10yrs NICU, all Level III, prior to anesthesia school, not a single day of Adult. You will feel "out of your element" for sure at times but let me assure you, everyone does. Gonna start my last semester in Jan. and have done very well adjusting to the "big people". I surely didn't have to study double the other students, but you will study more than you EVER have in your life....guaranteed. JoPACU was right about the co-morbids and drugs ect, that will be mostly new to you, but everyone else will be studying just as hard.

Your questions about the interview...mine was not a clinical based interview. They knew who they wanted and only invited those people for the most part. Getting in is not hard if you have good numbers/grades.

Good luck, what schools are you looking at so far??