Any Chamberlain FNP Graduates?



I know that Chamberlain has had their first graduating class in 2015 from the FNP program, so I was wondering if any graduates are out there? My main concern is their certification pass rate. Due to the fact the program is so new, Chamberlain doesn't have these stats available yet. Has anyone from Chamberlain passed their cert exam on first attempt?


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I just graduated in May and passed on my first attempt. I would recommend the program


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I have applied to Chamberlain for the November start.

I have also applied to Touro, Grand Canyon, Maryville and University of Southern California.

Does it really matter where I pick? Will it be a greater advantage to me to have gone to USC (and spend $85K) vs. going to Chamberlain (and spend 35K)?

So far, Chamberlain seems to be the most reasonably priced, and my hospital has an agreement with them that gives me a tuition discount. I'm just wondering if the USC name will make or break me when I am actually practicing as an FNP?

Thanks for any info ...

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Chamberlain also has your last course, which is a Capstone clinical course, and the didactic portion is a prep for boards. You get the Hollier review included with your tuition, in addition to the prep for boards. Most of the students in our FNP FB group passed their boards this summer.