Any advice on Scripps (Chula vista)or Thornton


I am an RN(4 years experience) from upstate NY, 23 years old and just married. I am going to take on my first assignment as a travel nurse in San Diego in 1 month. Im pretty sure I will be signing on for a 6 month contract to scripps chula vista 3-11. I was waiting back on a reply from thronton because it had an available 7a-7p. I will be doing med\surg. Any advice on these facilities or anyone work with american mobile that would have advice. Anything would be appreciated!! About the area or california in general :)

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If living close to work is a consideration, you'll be able to afford Chula Vista and environs much more comfortably than the area surrounding Thornton. I'm almost sure that one of the regular posters works at Scripps CV (there is also a Sharp CV, but I'm pretty sure she works at Scripps), so hopefully she'll be 'round and have more helpful information.

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I work @ Scripps-CV, but in the Maternal/Child Area. That is isolated from the Med-Surg floors, so I never even see those areas. (which is ok w/me, by the way)

The 2 hospitals serve entirely different populations. SCV is ~ a smaller community hospital, an older facility; I do like the Corporate culture here, hospital and nursing administration are very approachable, and respond positively to nursing input, @ least IMO. It does have a Family Medicine Residency program.

Thornton is the "Ritz"; it's part of University of Cal-San Diego, they have another facility closer to the center of town, much older, different client profile. The average pt @ Thornton is middle to upper class. It's a newer teaching hospital, there's a brand new Cancer Treatment facility, an Adult and Children's Eye Centers. It's not a big hospital; they do have interns, residents, etc.

SCV is a comfortable place to work, Thornton is a place that will probably challenge you more and you will learn a lot. So, I guess it depends on what you want. If your spouse is also working, you can probably swing La Jolla; if it's just you earning money, living and working in Chula Vista is way, way more affordable. And there are very nice parts of CV or Bonita or Eastlake. Those are names of other communities in the "South Bay" part of San Diego.

Good luck.


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Thanks for such quick replies! I will be working through american mobile healthcare so my housing will be free. Plus my husband will be working at the hartford insurance group. Were doing the travel nursing option to try and save money. I come from a small community hospital and I beleive I will like SCV. My start date wil be either sept 25th or oct 9th. Maybe i'll be seeing you soon!


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