Any advice appreciated!!!!

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I have recieved my study guide today for analyzing & interpreting literature which is Rue's Clep book, and already I am bored to tears...what exactly should I be focusing on. Right now I am trying to learn the definitions of the terms used. Has anyone else done this CLEP exam? Can you point me in the right direction of what I should be focusing on. This stuff is not very interesting to me..:eek:

If it is that bad, you can always choose another course to satisfy this requirement.

Keep at it! I suggest you try another study guide. You can get them cheap and used on Amazon. I just looked and there is one from REA for about $6. ISBN: 0878918973 (Then you you can sell it when you are done, like I do.) Remember, it is pass/fail, about 60% is good enough, and it's made for the average student. So, if you take the little practice exams and read over the explanations, you should do fine.

Also, set a time limit. Example: 1 hour of study at a time. Take the test 3 weeks from now, etc. If 20 minutes of reading at a time is your limit, fine. Keep going! Play your favorite music in the background. Read it aloud. Just do it.

Push through FAST and it won't have time to bore you. Don't treat it like you have to know it all, if it bores you. Treat it like you have to know ENOUGH. Break it up however you need to!

Been looking over the stuff...gets a little more interesting as I push through it.

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