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I am feeling anxious about the start of nursing school in the August, particularly with regard to retaining knowledge from AP I and II. I got A's in both, but I feel as if I've forgotten so much!! I am both excited and nervous....and have a plethora of other "not yet labeled" (mostly positive) feelings about the start of my program.

I am going to start reviewing old PP slides to refresh my memory. Are there certain areas/systems I might want to focus on? I am looking to the experienced students for know, the "been there done that" people!


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Come on over to the "general nursing student" forum....this is the pre-nursing forum, so the experienced nursing students aren't as abundant here.

You will find you retained more A&P than you think. Of course review is always good, but having just finished my first semester, I found I really do remember more than I give myself credit for. You will likely get a syllabus at some point prior to your semester starting - that will help you see what will be covered in the upcoming semester and narrow down your ability to review specifically, but probably won't give you much time to do so.

Programs differ, so it is hard to say what will be important at first in YOUR program. In ours, we actually covered things like therapeutic communication, kinesiology, safety, lifespan development, spirituality and ethnic diversity in the first semester and are starting the major body systems in second semester - so there wasn't a ton of A&P needed. I suspect I'll need to recall more now that we are headed into more physically specific waters.

Good luck and congratulations on your acceptance. Try not to fret too much. If you are at a good school, they want you to succeed and give you the tools to do so.

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Thanks! I just realized, thanks to you, that I put this in the wrong section! If someone could move it, that would be great!

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