Anxiety of nursing


I am just about done with my pre-reqs for the RN program and I think trauma would be one spot Id like to work in, but I feel like Id be afraid and not know what to do in an emergency situation. Is this normal or how did you trauma nurses feel when you first started that department?

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The same. Don't worry, you are never just left alone with anything major (STEMI, Respiratory Distress, active compressions or traumas) to "figure it out". EVER. There's always a team and they will always back you up.

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You will work as a team and you will be required to attend various classes. It is an area where constant learning takes place. None of us are born knowing this stuff. If it interests you, go for it!

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Nursing is full of training in how to handle emergency situations.

When you are new, you will likely forget all you learned in class, but if you shout for help, the other nurses will help your patient until your brain unfreezes. Eventually there comes a time when you are able to think more cleary and perform effectively in an emergency. Then you will get to be one of the nurses running to help the new nurse who is having trouble.


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Thank you guys for the encouragement! It is great to hear everyone works together.


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The stuff gets repetitious.. a code blue is a code blue. Standard ACLS is the starting point. Trauma and Emergency departments sound awesome but it is often the same thing over and over. You will learn your bearings and the standard protocols to start and treat the patients.