Anxiety about Kaplan Scores?


So I'm having severe anxiety about my Kaplan scores since we are supposed to be scoring above a 65% on everything. So far my scores are:

Diagnostic: 62%

Q1: 67%

Q2: 63%

I still have to finish the 3rd one before I take the class on starting on the 12th and I'm working my way through the videos but I can't seem to raise my scores? Their medication book is extremely overwhelming and the week after the class my family is going on vacation, so I'm going to be using an extremely slow internet connection to do questions.

Does anyone have any insight on how I may raise my scores?

Does anyone have any suggestions to tackle the large amount of medications in Kaplan's med book?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to study on vacation?

Last does anyone have any cute ideas on how I should decorate my mortar board? (Hey gotta have a little fun, right? ^.^)

Thank you!

Uncle Rico

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Though i'm not as familiar with kaplan, your scores seem about average imo. I've known many people to score in the 50's on the Kaplans test/question banks and pass the NCLEX in 75 questions.