Anxiety is destroying me please help

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hi, guys, i hope you doing well,..

long story short i'm a nursing student last year hoping to be RN 6 months from now..

but every time i go to my shift i develop severe anxiety at the workplace and it reaches to the point that i can't even think or concentrate on my tasks, with panic attacks that is so unbearable, and also i developed TMD or TMJ From this whole situation that made me pause my internship program.i'm introvert person and mainly my Anxiety is a social Anxity , I tried to be more open and communicate with co-workers and patients but I'm always on the edge and i burst into tears after every shift from the stress, even tho i don't have a patient under my care yet, still with my preceptor, i hope i will get better with time but it getting worse and worse i don't even know what to do any advice would be appreciated and thank you for reading.

Go talk to your doctor about your anxiety

Hello, THENBHD ~

You must talk with your healthcare provider about this. From what you describe it is life-altering. Your HCP (and perhaps any trusted loved ones you may have) are in the best position to help you assess this situation. Reach out for support. If your anxiety is affecting your ability to take that step, realize that the position you are in right now (from your description) is untenable. Help is available, and you deserve it no less than anyone else.

This is not at all a hopeless situation! So have hope, and take the next step.

Take care ~

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Agree with the above posters: you need to make an appointment with a psychiatric care provider. You should get that anxiety managed now, because I guarantee, things don't get easier once you start working as a nurse.

The answer may be medications, therapy, outpatient treatment, support groups, or any combination of the above, or even none of the above. But we can't tell you what will be best for YOU. Only you and your psychiatric care provider can determine that.

And though you don't seem to be at this point, I have to say that if you feel your anxiety is starting to get so out of control that you're not feeling safe and/or start to have feelings about hurting yourself, you need to call 911 or your local mental health hotline, or get thee to the ED ASAP.

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