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Antipsychotic Focused Surveys

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As all of us know in LTC, the focus is on decreasing/eliminating antipsychotic use in the elderly, unless an appropriate diagnosis is in place. We have always been taught that you should not administer PRN antipsychotics without the resident being on a schedule dose. I am looking for that in writing to be able to submit to the court Physician who thinks it's ok to administer prn antipsychotics but is not in favor of a scheduled dose. I have searched and searched the web, my Long Term Care survey book, and my own state regulation manual but with no luck. If anyone knows where I could find something in writing, could you please steer me in the right direction? Much appreciated and thanks for all you do each and every day!


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You could call the state agency and ask them if they have something in writing they could fax to you.

Our docs will occasionally prescribe PRN antipsychotics without a scheduled dose and I think it can work quite well at times. Talk to your doctor about it- why does he do it? Just because it's a big push to get rid of antipsychotics doesn't mean it's always the right thing.

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Call your pharmacy consultant. He/She would know the regulation.


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