Antimicrobial PICCs with anticoagulant?


About 6 months ago, my facility started using these antimicrobial PICC lines, and we've definitely seen a decrease in CLABIs. However, our population(Onc) has a continuing issue with low platelets and one patient's line has been continually oozing blood. Hemcon patches and pressure dressings haven't helped. I've heard that these PICCs also have anticoagulant. Any idea why? Kind of defeats the purpose if you have to open up the dressing every 48 hours because it's bleeding.

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That's interesting. What's the PICC referred to as? I'd like to do some research on this...

Matthew, RN

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So after reading that site, it looks like the chlorhexadine coating actually has the anticoagulant effect as well.

SoldierNurse22, BSN, RN

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That's still weird.

We used those PICC lines when I worked hem/onc, too. Chlorhexadine is the standard for cleansing the site during dressing changes. We never had an issue with bleeding at the site, and we used to do BMTs frequently, so you know we had folks whose counts were virtually zero all around.

Perhaps there's another issue going on with this patient?

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I frequently have to use ateplase to declot. It can be so time consuming.

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