Anti American sentiment in NZ?

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Can anyone speak to this-either locals or Americans working in NZ?

I spoke with someone who said they had a terrible time of assignment in NZ because the anti-American sentiment had gotten so bad. Their kids were being harassed constantly in school and the neighborhood. They said they didn't feel safe anymore and came home. I don't know them personally at all, so i can't speak to their perception of the events, AND it was at the height of the anti-Bush maybe any of that will have subsided or be subsiding. Anyone else aware this and if so, how severe is it? Is it regional?

Thanks for any input. I won't be traveling or relocating for several years, but I like to examine options way ahead of time and be prepared for anything!

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Most countries are jealous of the USA.


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uh... jealousy is not the word I would use.

I spend about 2 months in NZ in 2008. People don't hate us, but they see us as a reflection of our political system at home. I believe with the new administration, people's opinions are changing already.

If you choose to move to NZ one day, Auckland and Wellington are wonderful places to check out if you like big, beautiful, clean cities.

Good luck!

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As a New Zealander, who now live in Queensland, Australia; i would say anti-US sentiment exists. Due to insular media and educational syatems. I heard people say things like ' if you move to Texas, you will never eat another vegetable' and 'all american women are so fake and look like barbie dolls'

New Zealand is a fantastic country but spoilt by insular mindset, negativity and seemingly widespread inferiority complex.This manifests in ' tall poppy syndrome'. They often attack persons/groups/nations who are successful

I am sorry that Americans are treated this is very poor behaviour

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