Antepartum nursing diagnosis?

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So because we have to have a nursing diagnosis with a related to factor out of our book and an AS MANIFESTED BY set up this is getting pretty difficult. my case study pt had nothing wrong with her except she was having contractions.. she was 33 weeks when i intereviewed her but it she had been in the hospital for 2 wks already. she is 25. i really am not sure how to set these things up. i am thinking... Activity intolerance related to muscle or cellular hypersensitivity, Social isolation, Risk for impaired parenting. We have to have three but i'm just not for sure!!! and i totally suck at the related to factors. any ideas.. i feel like im asking someone else to do my homework but i have been working on it.. i just dont feel very confident in this stuff!!!

Thanks for any help!!

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Just curious why the risk for impaired parenting?

I was thinking risk for impaired parenting because she is not married, the pregnancy wasn't planned, she said she lived with her sister and her niece who is only 6 months old and has still never changed a diaper and she doesn't plan on taking any childbirth classes because she doens't have the money and she doensn't want to!

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Also why social isolation? does she not have any visitors? Has she voiced concern over no one seeing or anything? Does she have a flat affect? As far as not having money for a parenting class talk to your charge nurse and see if there may be any resources that can be made available to her. And the excuse that she "doesn't want to," doesn't work in my book lol.

I am not saying you are wrong, I am just trying to get a better idea of the whole picture

well you said that she has been there for 2 wks, but is she still contracting?

pain related to labor process as evidenced by patient verabalizing pain of 5 on 0-10 scale. Typically risk dx does not require a manifestation, at least not when I was in NS. Does that apply for you? I should not do your assignment, but I love perinatal nursing, it's so hard to give input without giving too much!


I agree with the other nurse who responded. You are not able to speak to her parenting ability at this time. You could say Anxiety related to potential delivery of premature infant (until 37 weeks gestation) and related potential health factors associated with prematurity. You can indicate knowledge deficit regarding newborn growth and development and care needs secondary to lack of previous instruction or exposure to infants. If she is on bedrest you might consider the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis and implement something for that. You could indicate antepartal status with potential for delivery of premature infant secondary to symptoms of pending labor despite hospitalization/bedrest. Good luck with your homework. Try to think of simple ideas and expand from there it might be easier. State the obvious and follow it with the cause of occurence.

I think komersgirl probably has given you the best suggestions so far, but I can understand social isolation, because I have worked with antepartum patients, including those that have been on bedrest with us for several months. It depends on hospital policy, but children under 12 other than the patients' could not be on the unit. Some hospitals have visiting hours. Because we were a well-respected hospital, people came from afar for treatment, so their visitors may not come as often, and they may miss family events such as thanksgiving dinners, children's birthday parties, etc. Many of our patients demonstrated social isolation, most likely due to the above reasons, or others, depending on their lives. But of course you need to incorporate your assessment to individualize her dx, such as her verbal and noverbal cues.

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