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I am preparing a lecture and lab on antepartum assessment (for ADN nursing students) and would be most grateful for any resources/advice you could offer me.

Thank you in advance:):kiss


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Antepartum fetal survelliance usually consists of Biophysical Profiles, Fetal Movement Charts and serial ultrasounds. In the 'olden days', we used to just use Non-stress testing, but this has been proven to be inadequate/incomplete information.

If I recall correctly, here are some explinations, but PLEASE double check my data/info as I am a LABOR nurse, not an ANTEPARTUM nurse!


Biophysical Profiles:

include assessment of #1 fetal tone #2 fetal breathing movements #3 AFI (amniotic fluid index) #4 NST #5 doppler flow studies of umbilical artery



the uterus is divided into four equal sections by + . The largest pocket of fluid in each section is measured in cm. The four measurements are added together and divided by four, to get an average amount. Then this amount is graphed on a specific gestational age graph. High AFI=polyhydramnios. Low AFI=oligo.


Fetal Movement Charts:

we have patients stop and pay attention to their fetus every morning and every evening. They record how long it takes to get 10 kicks/movements one time...and how many movements in an hour, the other.


Serial Ultrasounds:

for measuring fetal growth. Identify symetrical and asymetrical IUGR, etc.


hope this helps!

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All of that wonderful and accurate info should also be accompanied by some discussion on inclusion of the psychosocial status of the pregnant woman and her social situation..That is a biggie not only because of how it may impact her antenatally, but also peri and post natally.....


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Also, don't forget the importance of education.

Educating the woman as to nutrition, usual weight gain, physical changes during pregnancy, etc.

We also learned (and performed) Leopold's maneuvers.... it was pretty cool, and the women couldn't believe we could tell which way their baby was positioned.

Just something to think about. I'm not a nurse yet, but my OB rotation is still fresh in my mind.

I had so much fun!


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Thanks so much for the suggestions!!! Will put them to good use :)

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