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Hello nurse friends! I've been off the site FOREVER! I've been working full-time, learning a new job, and traveling every other weekend to see my sis, who some of you may remember, is terminally ill. I need to know the latest re the MNM. Is there going to be marching THIS May, 2001, AND May, 2002; or just 2002? I checked out the site once, and people still seemed to be fighting! Can anyone please take the time to fill me in with just the essentials? Thanks and Happy Easter to you all. I'll be going down to visit my sis, but will check when I return.


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I've been following the MNM pretty closely. I THINK the march is set for May 2002, but they have not actually announced it as "set". I got a ton of emails on 4-12-01 and there is a bunch of mess going on there, the three executive board members, it appears, can't agree on anything. Two of them resigned and according to one of those two, the mnm has to be resolved because the bylaws or some "legal" contract requires it resolved with any change of the board. Hope this helps, it really just sounds like a soap opera @ the mnm. Sad, eh?

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Hey, thanks for answering! Yes, I was dumbfounded to read that there's still fighting going on! I can't possibly read through everything that I've missed. I'm not sure I even want to. Anyone on the inside track? If so, what's up?

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