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I've recently decided to pursue an ANP MSN degree and have 1 past felony arrest (no conviction) on my record. I was able to get my RN in FL w/out difficulty but was wondering if the ARNP would be a problem. I found many threads for similar questions for RNs but none re: getting licensed as an ARNP. Does anyone know if its possible to be an ARNP w/ an arrest on your criminal record? I'm aware specific State boards make the decision but am curious if anyone has a success story as an ARNP or heard of anyone with a background that has been licensed? Thanks :)

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You are so right- it is up to the board of nursing in your state. This is just a question that we can't answer.

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That would be something only your BON would be able to answer. Since you have already been licensed as an RN with your BON and they are aware of the conviction, it probably stands to reason you would be licensed as NP with them. But, then again, they may have some type of stipulation.

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Just contact them and they should be able to help you.

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