ANP101 important is the CD with text?

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Class starts next week, and I'm still looking online for the best deal on a book/the labpaq. I found lots of books, most state "no cd". Is this just a study guide? Do you think it's imperative to have, or if I have good reading retention I would be fine with just the book?

Also: I found a labpaq for sale, but the eye, brain and skeleton are not included. Is this something that can be found online, or do you really think the guts are worth paying the extra hundred bucks?

Sorry to be so noobish about this, but it's my first class and I'm nervous. Also? I need to get my book asap since the class starts in a week. :)


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Are you using Marieb's green book with the picture of Serena Williams on the front? I took 101 online last semester and did not use a CD with the book. However it is highly recommended that you have access to Course Compass to do practice activities and practice quizzes that will help immensely with exams. A new textbook bundle would come with the course compass access code; if you buy a used book without it, you would have to buy an access code separately which you can do from the bookstore or directly through Course Compass online. As for the lab kit, the only part I used from it was the skull model when learning the skull bones. I did not dissect the brain or eyeball and at least in the course I took, there were no quiz or exam questions over them. Hope this info helps.


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Csab & I had different profs I guess. Our class had the guts right near the end of the course when everybody was freaking out about the finals anyway. Getting George (my name for "him," but there are some features on the skeleton that suggest I should have named her Georgina) is a good idea if you have the money. I would be leery of trying to do the course without the c-d. Even if it's just the lab c-d, remember that you're going to Ivy and therefore competing with a bunch of other students for a slot, and you don't wanna willingly give up points.

For my class, the Course Compass was indispensable. There is no way you could do the course without it. I'm taking 102 at the campus (before I transfer to a different college and Nursing program in the fall), and I'm Still urging my classmates to get it

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