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I am working as a PPS coordinator in a rehab facility three days a week. This job is pretty great, as I work in a wheelchair and my boss is really easy-going about my time--I can come in pretty much when I want.

I was trying to think of how I could pick up some more time when I am able to handle it, and I was thinking of taking some coding classes, as the prn hospital inpatient coders here can work from home. I am interested in other people's thoughts about if this is a good move for a gimp RN such as myself. Coding seems pretty low-stress compared to working on the floor, and being able to work from home would be a godsend. Please, let me know your thoughts!

I have a friend that's in case management and they moved some of her workflow to at-home, she still has to go to the hospital at least 1 or 2 times a week, but she does a lot of work from home. Now I'm not exactly sure what she does at home really, I guess I could ask her.

Anyways she says that it's got many pro's but some cons too. Her main complaint is that after a while it feels like you're "always at work" and also you don't get a break from home life, which some people enjoy. To rectify this situation she made some rules about when she's in her office she's "at work" and not to be disturbed unless it's important. Also she avoids the office room when she's not working. That's working out better for her than using the laptop in the kitchen/living room.


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Those seem like pretty good rules :)

I thought about case management, but the case managers where I'm at always seem harried and very self-defensive, which makes me think they take a lot of crap all the time. I just left a job like that, and I'm really digging the quietness of having my own office and dealing with paper instead of people. That's why I wondered if coding might be a good addition to my skills basket.

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That's a great idea Cobweb. Coding makes my brain hurt--but if you are detail oriented and like numbers then by all means, why not? I also always thought legal nurse consulting was a cool thing to do as well. Also, sometimes charts need to be audited for all sorts of reasons......

Whatever you decide, best wishes!