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Another PBDS Question


Hey everybody, I'm taking the PBDS in a couple days so I scoured the entire site and read every PBDS thread I found and got a lot of useful information however there was one question I wanted to ask to those who have taken and passed the PBDS.

When writing your assessments, interventions, doctors orders, etc, do you write it out in full sentences or just literally put line by line?

For example, would you put "I would assess the patient's blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate"

or just put

Assess blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate

Just didn't want points to be removed for simple things. Thanks!

As the time to respond is limited, when I had to take one of these I listed my responses using bullet points.

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Bullet points are fine. Raters do not count off for grammar, spelling or lack of prose - LOL. Just be sure you include ALL details of what you plan to do... the rater is not allowed to "fill in the blanks" or make assumptions. They can only use what you have actually written down. When your intervention includes calling the physician, be sure to mention any 'anticipated physician orders'... this is a plus that signifies higher levels of expertise. e.g., "gather supplies in anticipation of possible chest tube insertion"

Ahh I see then gotcha bullet points it is then, thanks! And by all the details do you mean you actually put normal things you would do for every patient? Like for example...

*Enter room and introduce myself to patient

*Wash hands to protect patient from harmful bacteria

*Put on gloves to protect myself from harmful bacteria

*Close curtains for patient privacy

and then proceed to assess patient and do interventions?

Cause basically that whole spiel should apply to all scenarios and I've only seen a handful of people mention things like gloves