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So, those of you who have had children and have working there any sort of benefit you can get through your hubby's job when having a child? What I mean there some fascinating stone that I've not turned with a blinking sign reading "This is where you can get extra funds after your wife delivers your child!" OR is that something that only the Mom would be able to get through her own company? Am I making sense?

I know I sound centered around money...but I am just researching to make sure that extra help is not left untouched. So many friends of ours are just taking off and "eating it" and I can't help but wonder if there are some benefits out there. We really don't want money to dictate when we can conceive, but if it will help keep us out of a rut...


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If you're covered under your husband's insurance you will get your medical benefits paid, but that's about it. You cannot collect maternity leave under his benefits or FMLA.

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Step one: Make sure you and your husband are not totally living paycheck to paycheck before having a child. Have some(even a little) of your money automatically deposited into a savings account directly from your pay. You will never see the money, and therefore build savings.

Step two: Put away even more money to cover additional expenses that come up and to cover time off. If you are feeling fine, look for a little overtime now. If your hospital offers critical staffing pay, then you can really put away some money.

I can't think of any reason a company would pay you to have a baby, honestly. If they did, I would be very cautious of strings attached.

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